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More Testimonials at Erickson Healing Arts

Carol P.

Thank You. You helped me immeasurably. You’re magical and a genius.

Carol C.

Danese/Corey Gallery, Director

I am delighted to have found such a caring and competent chiropractor. I feel sure that my health will improve through this fortunate association.

Grant Neuman

Random House

  • Very professional
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Very relaxing
  • An overall terrific experience

Barbara B.

I am very grateful for Dr. Erickson’s knowledge and the treatment I have received. She explained the procedures she did and what a lower back x-ray was showing–making clear to me for the first time–after many visits elsewhere–why I have the pain I do–and how it can be treated.


I want you to know how much you helped me on Saturday. I don’t want to be too overly dramatic but I feel like you literally saved my life. I was so miserable when I walked in and I walked out feeling so much better. I can’t thank you enough.

Carrie S.

Dr. Erickson has the healing touch and through her listening skills and magical hands, she understands exactly what your body needs in order to heal. My apprehension to have anyone touch my neck after a difficult and traumatic neck injury quickly dissipated after spending one session with Dr. Erickson. She was hopeful and respectful of my situation and I could not be in better hands. Thank you!

Lonna S.

Dr. Erickson was amazing! I was in so much pain and she knew just how to handle it. I’m looking forward to continued care with her. In addition to her expertise, her assistant was more than polite and helpful and the office was clean and inviting. I had to bring my 3 small children with me and the office was also very accommodating and sweet to them as well. Thank you again!

Victoria G.

Very relieved to finally have met someone who can offer relief from my migraines. Dr. Erickson is extremely knowledgeable but also very comforting. I walked out of the office feeling so much better than I did on the way in and we’ve only just started! Thank you!

Carla Savetsky, Ob/Gyn, PA

Natural Healing for Women

Dr. Karen Erickson is nothing short of a miracle-worker! when my son was 8 months old, his shoulder, elbow and wrist were dislocated. Three different doctors said that it was easy “fix”, yet none of them had the skill to do so. When Dr. Erickson saw him, she completely healed the problem in a matter of minutes. Dr. Erickson’s level of experience, skill and lovely manner are unmatched. If you’re interested in seeing the very best in NYC, there’s no other chiropractor to consider!

Elizabeth S.

I came to Dr. Erickson desperate for relief from pain and immobility from a car accident. Dr. Erickson was the first doctor to look at my overall body, taking care of all my issues. She was very caring but also very professional and took the time to listen to my needs, give helpful advice and fully inform me on what to expect or why something was helpful to do. The lovely front desk folks are very welcoming and helpful with insurance issues. I’m very grateful to everyone in the office for their kindness.

Carol Paumgarten

Founder/Artistic Director, Steps on Broadway

Thank you. You helped me immeasurably. I could actually stand up this morning. You’re magical and a genius.

Yuri F.

I just had a visit to one of the top professionals in her field.

Michel W.

I feel that the issues and questions I came in with were addressed and finally feel like there is someone to help my child. I feel relieved and hopeful.

Deborah P.

I am over the moon after seeing Dr. Erickson today for the first time. I feel so much better. The pain in my sacrum has decreased significantly and my body feels looser and more energized. I am relieved to have found Dr. Erickson and look forward to my next appointment. I also really like the office setting it is very tranquil and welcoming.

Mirza Burgos

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I must say – I was very impressed with Dr. Erickson’s assessment and treatment. She knew how to put me back together in just a few minutes! She understands my issues and I am just delighted to have found her.


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