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Suzanne Karpas

Trustee, Beth Israel Medical- Center
Founder, Karpas Health Information Center

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Karen Erickson for over 12 years. I came to her with serious chronic conditions: a near-fatal car accident, neck pain and headaches, post-polio syndrome and many other serious health issues. Dr. Erickson has been able to give me relief with her vast knowledge and healing hands, where many medical doctors have failed. She never treats me as a set of symptoms but as an entire individual. I am forever grateful to her.

Barbara Malmet

Arts Professor, New York University

Dr. Karen Erickson is a phenomenal healer, with an expansive holistic approach. She listens deeply and has the most compassionate hands. Her work is profound. I have been her patient for well over a decade, and she has assisted me with everything from tennis elbow to kidney stones and low back/neck issues. I love her knowledge about supplements and essential oils. I admire her skills in adjusting. Dr. Erickson’s cranial sacral technique will leave you with a remarkable before and after effect. I always leave feeling way better than when I entered her treatment room. I do not have a doubt that Dr. Karen Erickson is the BEST CHIROPRACTOR in New York City.


Television Guy

I came to Karen after having tried physical therapy, massage, and other healing work for relief for my lower back and knee pain from the stresses created by my job. What amazed me is that Dr. Erickson not only addressed the physical aspects of the problem, she also provided relaxation tools and allowed my body to be at a state of ease. She truly makes the session a relaxing one, using essential oils to enhance the healing experience. Her gentle hands and her careful work produce a state of calm for me that I carry out with me as I leave the session, and face the day. Dr. Erickson is also a teacher. She thoroughly educates you about your body and takes time to understand your concerns and needs. I encourage anyone who seeks a true healing experience to see Karen – even if just once. She is a miracle worker!

David W. Levinson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer L&L Holding Company, LLC

When it comes to receiving the best chiropractic care, I go to Dr. Karen Erickson.

Barbara Boursiquot


I am a nurse with a diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis related to September 11, 2001. I use an oxygen tank at all times. Before receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Erickson, severe coughing episodes had put a great deal of stress on my respiratory system, leading me to increase my oxygen consumption from 2 liters to 4 liters per minute. Through her vast knowledge and chiropractic skills, Karen Erickson, DC has improved my neurological and musculoskeletal function, improving lymphatic drainage and respiratory function. Her work has caused my coughing episodes, sinus congestion and secretion production to dramatically decrease, making it easier for me to take deep breaths. This has allowed me to go back to 2 liters of oxygen per minute. I appreciate the depth of knowledge, experience, confidence, and passion that Karen Erickson, DC has shown me. I would highly recommend for anyone who has any respiratory problems to make an appointment to see this wonderful health care provider.

Sally Whaling


I have not had a pain-free minute in two years and 10 months (forced to spend most of my time in bed since my condition was so painful) – that is, until I met Dr. Erickson. In my first session with Dr. Erickson, my condition improved 65% and in my second I improved to 75%. I am still working with Dr. Erickson to get total relief but for the first time in 2 years and 10 months, I have had some real relief and of course with that comes real hope. Dr. Erickson is a miracle maker. Thank you again for all, Sally.[/notebox]

T. Zagaria

I consider my healing journey with Dr. Erickson as being somewhat miraculous. When first referred to Dr. Erickson over 12 years ago, I could hardly walk at times. Severe chronic pain and intermittent bouts of being knocked off my feet, for days or weeks, were too familiar. I’d come very close to succumbing to a surgical procedure.

Dr. Erickson’s approach is calm and methodical. The depth to which she applies her knowledge and a variety of soothing applications, both physically and energetically, is unusual and difficult to describe. She takes a great deal of time in each session, typically leaving me feeling “like butter” when finished. She guides patients through simple, at home routines further contributing to comfort and healing. Unlike chiropractors and practitioners, the effects of Dr. Erickson’s work and advice last for a very long time.

Today I need a little body work to feel “pain-free”. I now seek Dr. Erickson’s healing hands, and heart, for overall maintenance and relief for that occasional “catch” I can’t work out on my own. Sessions with Dr. Erickson continue to be well worth my time and investment. I sincerely recommend others to seek her help.

Jeannie Greer

I have been a patient of Dr. Erickson’s since the beginning of her career. I am the kind of person who, if she doesn’t find the help she requires thanks to the person and never returns. Personally, my body, heart, and mental health would be in terrible shape without Dr. Erickson’s exceptional healing powers. She is truly one of the most remarkable healers I’ve ever met, and I bless her![/notebox]

D. Krassner


A friend referred me to Dr. Erickson when I complained about the pain from my TMJ. A chiropractor for TMJ? You bet! I’d have never known what a chiropractor can do for my jaw or the rest of my body had I not trusted my friend’s recommendation. Now, nearly 10 years later, I’m still a patient of Dr. Erickson. My TMJ, while sometimes still “achy,” is managed without medication or any type of surgery thanks to her healing hands! After every visit, I leave with my neck a little longer, my posture a little better and a calmness I describe as “feeling like a marshmallow.” Put any trepidation about chiropractors you have to the wayside. Your body and spirit will be well rewarded with the relief Dr. Erickson can provide.

Deb E.

When I first came to Karen, I was suffering from daily chronic pain and fibromyalgia, which were the result of a bad accident. Thanks to Karen’s incredible care and expertise, I am now living a pain-free life. Karen is not only an excellent chiropractor – she is a true healer, with a very lovely and generous spirit. I highly recommend her!

Emily Fano

Karen is a true healer. My kids, including my 7-year-old son with asthma, have benefited from her healing touch many times. She is our go-to healer, especially for preventative care during the flu season when we need it.

Laurie Berkner


In my fantasy world, I would start every day with a visit Dr. Erickson. When I leave her office I feel healthier, stronger, and more aware of my body. One of the things I love most about seeing her ( besides how great I feel afterward!) is that she consistently helps me to release painful holdings. She does this not only through traditional chiropractic methods but also through her extensive background in so many of the healing arts, like the use of essential oils, cranio-sacral therapy, and very specific deep-tissue muscle work.

At each visit, I am more and more impressed with her rich understanding of human physiology and by the healing touch of her hands. She shares her wisdom and skills with such caring and sensitivity that I feel her support is effective on both a physical and a soul level. The work she does with my body and the suggestions she makes during our sessions reverberate in my life throughout the week.

She has not only helped me but has been an amazing resource for our whole family. Dr. Erickson helped us discover food sensitivities that our daughter has and works gently with her to support her body in ways that have helped to bring out her spirit, and changed her whole energetic being.

I’m very grateful to have found Dr. Erickson!

Nancy E.

This is a long overdue testimonial to dear Dr. Karen Erickson. What better way to look towards my New Year than to recognize and give thanks to those that made a difference in my life this year. Dr. Erickson, you have made a huge difference. I have known Dr. Erickson for roughly two years and have been referred to her to help me with a tired back and neck. I never anticipated I would get the emotional and mental care coupled with physical in a visit to the ” chiropractor.” What I received was so much more than I could have imagined. Dr. Erickson has gifted hands for sure and a method for healing that unmatched. But what else she possesses is way beyond all of that. She is mindful, she is tender, she is kind-hearted, she is a healer, she is available, she is supportive and gives love from her heart. I wish I could have the opportunity to have her healing hands and powerful spirit around me every day. Dr. Erickson, I thank you from the bottom of my soul. You are an incredible gift in my life.

Karen Talbott

Real Estate Broker

I cherish the times I can see Dr. Erickson. She helps so much for various symptoms. After my car accident, I could barely move and had wicked headaches.

After five sessions, I had a lightness and the ability to move and take care of my family. We bring the whole family! She is a vital part of our family’s health–mental and physical.

Jayne W.

Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist

Dr. Karen Erickson is an amazing healer. I have been seeing her for 10 years. She has been able to cure my son of severe childhood migraines (we thought he had a brain tumor; his symptoms were very severe). She has been able to alleviate many of my medical problems from asthma to sinusitis to herniated discs. I always feel 100% better when I leave her office. Karen has inspired me to become a healer as well. I will never leave New York as long as she is here.


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