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Welcome to Erickson Healing Arts

We believe that the body is a healing miracle. The quality of your life can be transformed by optimizing your health. We are devoted to inspiring and caring for patients. Dr Karen Erickson draws from a treasure trove of integrative therapies:

chiropractic ● craniosacral therapy ● myofascial release ● massage ● graston technique

pediatric care ● pre-natal webster technique ● infant massage

wholefoods nutrition ● homeopathy ● essential oils ● exercise

mind-body approaches ● laser therapy ● biomat infrared therapy

We invite you to call our office and let us know how we may serve you. Let’s partner in your journey towards health and wellness!

Dr. Karen Erickson | New York Chiropractors

New York and Upper West Side of Manhattan-area families can expect top quality chiropractic care at Erickson Healing Arts!