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So You Want to Live to 100?


Continuing to hone your passion is one way to stay sharp and healthy into your golden years.

Staying healthy naturally doesn’t just add life to your years…it can add years to your life. And with so much to see and do across the globe, who doesn’t want to live longer and happier?

Here are a few suggestions to do just that.

  1. Maintain an ideal posture. Aside from causing back or neck pain, poor alignment and postural deviations may suggest unresolved emotional issues. Give your workstation a New Year check-up, and check your sitting, standing and sleeping posture.
  2. Shun alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco narrows the arteries and restricts blood circulation. Too much alcohol can counter any positive benefits. Turns out alcohol increases the risk of diabetes, dementia, cognitive decline, depression, obesity and fatty liver.
  3. Cultivate connection to spirit and people. Those who regularly worship, meditate or maintain their connection to God are shown to enjoy greater life expectancy. Some find connection to spirit through nature. Same is true for cultivating relationships with people. Regular visits with a group of 3 of more family or friends confers longevity.
  4. Plan joyful events in advance. Make life the kind of adventure that will compel you to see how it all turns out! Plan vacations, activities, and other happy events in advance so you can enjoy looking forward to the event as much as the event itself.
  5. Eliminate unnecessary stress. Your ability to accommodate stress is based on the condition of your nervous system–this is one way regular chiropractic care may help you live longer.
  6. Keep a Happiness Journal. The power of thought and emotion is a powerful tool. Keep a detailed end of day journal on 5 things that made you happy that day, and be very specific. This turns out to be even more powerful than a gratitude list.
  7. Avoid hospitals. Between hospital-acquired infections, unexpected drug interactions and just plain mistakes, hospitals can hurt, just as they can help.
  8. Have a purpose. Whether you are still in school, mid-career or planning retirement, have  a passionate reason for living. Serve. Donate your time. Develop new interests and skills. Keep physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially active.

Let Us Help You Thrive

Chances are you’ll live longer than you think. Heed the warning of one elderly woman who observed, “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Here at Erickson Healing Arts, we want to do more than resolve pain; we want to help you cultivate true resilient health.

If it’s been a while since your last visit, give us a call.

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