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Welcome to Erickson Healing Arts! Dr. Karen Erickson is a leader in integrative health care. She believes that the body is a healing miracle and quality of life is transformed by optimizing health. Her true love is inspiring and taking care of patients.

As a catalyst in integrative health care, Dr. Erickson offers a comprehensive evaluation with an individualized program of healing modalities that include chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, massage, infant massage, cold laser/low level laser therapy, whole foods nutrition and supplementation, homeopathy, essential oils, supportive exercise and stretching strategies, and mind-body approaches. Biomat sessions, offering healing far infrared therapy, are also available.

New York’s best physicians, natural health care providers, and physical trainers refer their patients to Dr. Erickson for chiropractic care.

Call our New York chiropractic office today and let us know how we may serve you. Welcome!

Dr. Karen Erickson | New York Chiropractor

New York and Upper West Side of Manhattan-area families can
expect quality chiropractic care at Erickson Healing Arts!